Welcome to my site. I hope that you like it. My name is Pamela Sophia and I am a conduit for the expression of the Divine Feminine energies through, contemplation and intellectualising the wisdom that I have gained through my own life experiences. For it is only from living our life that we know wisdom. It is wisdom that heals, and wisdom is love. Wisdom is the feminine and both females and males carry it. I amĀ  here to remind you and to help you to reconnect with your own wisdom.

Here you will find all of my blogs up until now, which chart my own personal journey in life and reveal the insights and wisdom that I have gained along the way. I also contemplate many spiritual narratives and concepts and I try to give my own take on these matters while trying to relate them to practical every day life. For it is only through contemplating on our own life experiences that we gain the wisdom and understanding from our own life journey at a soul level.

Also, in the future, you will find articles that I have published and information related to any courses and workshops that I am running. This site is in the process of beingĀ upgraded so there will be new things being added quite frequently over the next few weeks. So please keep checking on my progress.