Rabbits and dark chocolate

Well I’m not sure what exactly this post is going to be about but the Rabbit hole just got deeper and it has something to do with chocolate and being female!

On a practical view point I am very grateful that I have invested in a second hand macbook which works extremely well and means that I am going to be able to write my blogs much much quicker and clearer as well as I can see the screen better rather than trying to finger type on my iPad and only seeing part of the screen. I am hoping that this will make what I am trying to say flow better.

I really enjoy writing these blogs. They act as a form of reflection for me and allow me to integrate my thoughts with my spirit and soul. The mental with the soulful. Feminine (as in sacred feminine)  is a key word for me at the moment. Another key word is boundaries, and another is darkness. Putting all of those words together like this in such a way gives them new meaning somehow.

Darkness reminds me of the void, which is full of the Divine feminine, for it is from the void that creation occurs and it is from the darkest part of a woman’s body that creation also occurs. Darkness also is associated with the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like. The aspects that we would rather not own up to. The aspects that we are trying to conceal from the world in case others would see us as less than or lacking in some way. So is this a coincidence? That the aspects that we don’t like are called the dark parts and that the dark parts are also the most feminine. The fact that the Divine Feminine has been suppressed for thousands of years ……. is that just a coincidence? Is the correlation just pure incidental or is there more to it than that. Interesting don’t you think? Do you think it is possible that the aspects of ourselves that we don’t like are referred to as the dark parts because we are trying to suppress them, the same as society has been trying to suppress the Divine Feminine for thousands of years but instead only tries to portray the wholesome woman as one who is obedient, does the housework, reproduces and looks after the children and is always sacrificing her own needs for the needs of others and always looks perfect. The ‘dark’ aspects of the feminine are seen as selfish at the very least and sluttish or as a prostitute in worse cases. Women are either one or the other. There is no in between. Light and dark. The good and the bad. The duality.

We live on a planet of duality, but we are transforming. In order to become whole we need to integrate both the light and the dark. We need to love the dark just as much as we love the light. If we only love the light then we may fall into the trap of judging anything which does not appear to be the light. Yet how can we know the light without the dark? Both the light and the dark help us to grow. The light illuminates and the dark deepens. Anything which is illuminated allows us to see and as we go deeper we understand and gain wisdom. Neither is better than the other and they are both necessary to be able to become whole. This is the same for anything.

As women, we see so much. We live our day to day lives as women and enjoy the light side of this as mentioned above but it is only through going deeper into our own personal void that we gain understanding of ourselves and wisdom. Illumination is masculine, wisdom is feminine. Until now, I believe, the spiritual/new age movement has been very much focused on the illumination and the masculine aspects of development. Yet without the feminine wisdom, illumination can be naive in the least and possibly dangerous as the light can feed the ego. Wisdom connects us to our hearts, which is where the feminine lives.  Women have been buying into the masculine parts of themselves for too long now. This has turned women against each other, bred competitiveness and encouraged them to misuse their power or rather has not taught them how to use their power correctly. A woman’s gift is her love and her ability to love without condition and without judgement. We do this with children. The nurturing and the sacrifice. But don’t misunderstand me when I say this because I do not mean sacrifice as in what is expected from those external to us or by society. I mean sacrifice and nurturing out of love and caring, which is a completely different kettle of fish.

Today I spent time with a group of women, connecting, dancing, hugging, sharing. It was magical and there was a really strong sense of sisterhood and celebrating each other as women. I was aware of how, in ancient times, it was seen as part of culture that groups of women would come together to share, nurture and celebrate the feminine and it is time to do this again. Time to bring back women’s circles and groups in order to connect with each other and to connect to all aspects of our own womanhood, including the dark parts. As we care for each other and ourselves, we gain strength and wisdom, which we can then share with the world. And chocolate helps.


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