Sacred Space Rabbits

So what have I been up to recently? Too much to write about in  one blog post but it does seem fitting to write about the Solstice and the full moon energies and what has been happening with this for me. So I have decided to write about sacred sites and work that I have been doing.

Initially I didn’t think it was safe to write about these things but after recent encounters I have decided that I am not afraid and to share my experiences.

A few years ago I visited Stonehenge and while I was in meditation I received a very clear message that people should not be performing ceremony there because it had been tampered with and in my meditation I was in a glass elevator and the different realities that were on each floor were distorted in some way. I didn’t know how and I didn’t investigate it any further.

This year I have been feeling the pull to go again and also to go to Avebury, which is another, bigger sacred stone circle. The pull got stronger and stronger and I was initially thinking about going around the  time of the solstice but decided to go a couple of weeks earlier and camp down there for a few days which was awesome as I really felt myself merge with nature. Just before the trip I watched a video of Laura Eisenhower’s and in it she mentioned about there being alien technology underneath Stone Henge, called the Nephilim Reversal Grid which was preventing the merger of the masculine and feminine. I didn’t do any research of my own, though, before the trip. When we arrived we had to go in separately because of the dog. I went in first and decided that I would concentrate on balancing energies within myself as I was worried about influencing and trying to affect any of this alien technology, in case it had an adverse effect as I didn’t know much about it. I had decided to use an old meditation that was taught to me years ago, whereby I imagined the sun and the moon in my heart, which represented the masculine and the feminine. The sun and the moon then moved closer to each other until they merge.

When I carried out the meditation I was aware of a dark coloured energy with a redish tinge to it. I saw this clear and there was a sky blue energy that was trying to break through but the dark energy was resisting. Suddenly a translucent, irridiscent energy came pouring through and it was covering the earth in a sparkly hue of haze and all of nature. But the opening wasn’t permanent and seemed to close back over. The energy of Stone Henge reminds me very much of a watered down version of The Pyramids of Giza as it has that same masculine feel to it.

Then off to Avebury but first a stop off at West Kennit where there is a Neolithic burial mound and a sacred tree. On the way back, while chanting mantra’s of love and dancing around this tree which had ribbons attached to it as offerings, we were joined by 2 blue backed swallow’s, which flew round and around the tree with us and even after we had stopped. I had stopped for a while to connect with the tree and I felt it send me love through the ground and up through my feet and then the birds came. Such a magical experience and I truly felt one with nature.

Avebury has a very masculine energy and a road has been built right through the middle of it, which has obviously been done to deliberately diminish the feminine power but it is still a very powerful place and I felt so much love when meditating here. While I was at Avebury I bought a book called The 13 moons – conversation with the Goddess by Peter Knight. I had definitely felt the Goddess energy of Gaia so strongly while on this trip and wanted to maintain that connection as much as possible as it felt the right thing to connect with and I could feel the information and wisdom which it held for all to connect to. I felt really strongly that it was our true nature to merge with the natural world in order to receive insights and wisdom and learn about our true nature as we also, are part of the goddess and part of nature. I suddenly understood how important this was.

On my return I decided to look up Nephilim Reversal Grid on the internet and discovered that the headquarters are under Stone Henge and that it is an alien technology which is syphoning sexual energy from lot’s of other energy centres around the world and distorting it so that they can use it for their own purposes and that this is preventing the masculine and feminine energies merging and affecting sacred union, which is necessary for the evolution of consciousness and this planet. When I learnt about what the NRG was I had been initially worried about any comeback on myself for doing the meditation and trying to merge the masculine and feminine.  Even though this hadn’t deliberately been directed at the portal, it felt that some healing had taken place on some level there. So I was a little bit afraid but I have since changed my view about that. Hence writing about it now. I also started to read the book that I had bought in Avebury and the first chapter was about he author’s trip to Arbor Low and what he encountered there. As soon as it was mentioned, I knew that this was the next place that I needed to go and so I decided to visit here close to the Summer solstice……………….

I visited Arbor Low on Sunday the 19th June. It was surprisingly easy to find. There were some people there but hardly any compared to other more commercial stone circles and it was in the middle of a field on a farm with sheep and the connection that it had to the Goddess and Gaia was relatively unspoiled. There was the main circle of stones, which have all been laid down. This has apparently been done by early Christians in order to take away it’s power. There were also two large stones in the centre of the circle which, I presume, were the alter. I decided to meditate while sitting on one of the central stones. As I closed my eyes I saw and felt a pale magenta energy which was turning clockwise. This felt soothing and feminine. I concentrated on merging the masculine and feminine within myself. I saw the sun and the moon in my heart and then merged the two together, as I have done at other sacred sites. Immediately I felt something shift in myself, as I have felt previously. After the initial pale magenta colour I started to see a pale, sky blue colour clearing the magenta. I have seen this before at other sacred sites too. As soon as the sky blue colour came in I then saw the face of a grey alien. I was a bit shocked to start with and tried to switch my focus to a different part of my consciousness and the sky blue colour came in again and once again the alien grey face came in again, which felt soulless and very mind focused. This happened 3 or 4 times and then I realised that these experiences were being felt in my third eye so I decided to switch my focus to my heart. I sent my awareness to my heart with no intention except to connect with my heart. As soon as I did this I felt a woosh of energy come out of the ground and through my heart and body and I was  travelling down a tunnel of energy and orange/pink light. I just allowed this to happen until eventually the whole space became light and pure as if it had opened right up and there were no grey aliens as if they had dissolved. There was so much love and purity in this space and I felt at one with everything and everyone.

I am not totally sure what happened that day but I have had a big upgrade since then and I have also been heavily attacked. I feel as if I have suddenly realised my true power and all our true power, as this is something that we are all capable of. I know that they cannot destroy me while ever I am in this body. I did experience being attacked by lot’s of grey aliens the night after visiting Arbor Low and they were trying to stop me from getting back into my body, but they did not succeed obviously. What I have learnt is that the only power that these aliens have over us is through technology. They have no power of their own, whereas humans have lot’s of power but most of us haven’t realised it yet. In order to step into our true power, all we have to do is be in our core centre and then activate our heart energy. It really is that simple. They are angry that I know but they can’t do much about it. They also tried to affect my thoughts by making me think irrational thoughts and triggering emotions from things that haven’t been totally healed in the past and then totally magnifying it out of proportion. I sort of knew I was being targeted but it’s sort of hard to stop once you are in it but because I recognised it for what it was, they haven’t been able to do this since. So what next? I am prepared but I am also going to make sure that as many people know about this as possible 🙂




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