Organic v Inorganic timelines

When I first embarked upon my journey and quest for spiritual knowledge and growth, I was very innocent and not knowledgeable at all, in the 3D sense about such matters, especially when it came to such topics such as seeing and sensing aura’s, energy fields, being able to sense what was wrong with someone etc and chakra’s, and knowing what to do with someone’s energy field in order to help them to heal. Other people seemed so much more knowledgeable than I did and on the one hand I would feel quite inadequate and in awe almost, but on the other hand it never felt right to develop these skills purposefully. I always felt it was wrong (at least for me) to attend development circles and I always had a really strong sense that any skills and gifts, be they healing or psychic, would develop and reveal themselves as you develop and evolve as a person and that this is how it should be. I didn’t realise at the time, just how important this is and the significance of it all. To me it seemed that psychic gifts were being used interchangeably and an indication of your spiritual awareness and development. But I have always been of a very firm belief that well developed psychic gifts, without wisdom and personal awareness/development can actually delay and inhibit spiritual development and too greater importance can be placed upon the psychic gifts. It seemed/seems to me that these gifts are merely tools to enable us to navigate our way through this reality more easily. They are not a measure of how spiritual we are. But as with everything in this reality, the truth was inverted and manipulated by the control system, via the new cage movement to actually hinder our spiritual development rather than enhance it. I was learning so much yet there also seemed to be a gimmicky/commercial side to it that made me feel a little uncomfortable. It wasn’t until fairly recently that I realised the full significance of this.

I became aware that there were different timelines operating, fairly recently. Probably just over a year ago. Why I had not come across this information before I am not sure but, as with everything, the knowledge, information comes to us at the time that is right for us to assimilate it in order to assist our personal spiritual growth. At the time, I had become a little disillusioned with the spiritual circuit for all of the above reasons. There was a lot of spiritual snobbery around and the only spiritual people I were meeting were at mind, body, spirit fairs and these tended to be the same people trying to make a living from their spiritual work. I had run a stall at one of theses events myself but this didn’t feel right for me  either. It was too commercial for me and didn’t feel real. I took a break from it all for a while but this wasn’t the answer either as I wasn’t fulfilling a fundamental part of me. I started watching spiritual videos again and kept coming across the subject of organic and inorganic timelines. This subject caught my attention so I knew it was significant but I wasn’t sure why. There was also a lot of fear porn around, about needing to get on the right timeline or your soul would be captured and used for food and that the artificial or inorganic timelines are traps for this purpose. I understood what they were getting at and I am not meaning that it isn’t true because it might be. I do believe that there is a spiritual war for the human soul but I think that the only purpose that fear porn serves is to put people off the subject altogether and have the opposite effect that was intended. Offering the problem without a solution only tends to disempower rather than empower people. So what was a solution. What was an organic timeline? What does it look like as opposed to an inorganic timeline? How do we know which timeline we are on? And if we are on the inorganic timeline, how do we get back to the organic one. Then one day someone said to me that if we try to develop our spiritual gifts ie psychic and healing abilities deliberately by using exercises to do this then this connects to ET technology, which allows them to manipulate and control us and essentially puts us on the inorganic timeline. Well that was a revelation and confirmed why, all these years I had resisted and felt uncomfortable with participating in these activities and also that these gifts do develop naturally, in conjunction with our own personal spiritual development and that our gifts are unique to us and we are not all the same, and they develop in conjunction with wisdom. It is only through developing self awareness and wisdom , which gives us the understanding of how to use these gifts for the benefit of humanity, whereas if we lack wisdom and self awareness we might use the gifts to enhance our own ego’s and service to self rather than service to others. Sometimes the differences can be very subtle but the danger is that if you lack personal and collective awareness and wisdom then you will be very easily manipulated into thinking that you are actually benefiting mankind and may be carrying out these actions completely unaware that you might be causing harm rather than good.

It is my understanding that as we evolve and our awareness deepens, then our psychic and healing gifts and abilities take on a deeper and more multidimensional aspect to them and they connect to the authentic, inner soul knowing inside each of us, rather than the mind trying to figure stuff out. We can only develop our gifts to the level of our awareness, so in some ways does it really matter if we try to develop our gifts purposefully, as they can only develop to the level of awareness that we are already at. But I think that if we develop these gifts before we are ready, they actually hinder us rather than help us and can stunt our growth as our ego becomes attached to the idea that we are spiritually advanced because of our psychic or healing gifts.

So the conclusion that I have come to is that in order to stay on the organic timeline it is important to listen to what our intuition and our bodies are telling us about what we are meant or not to be doing. Noticing how something makes us feel and allowing things to just develop naturally are the two most important things we can do to keep us on the right track. I have also come to believe, in my quest to know which teachers are standing in their own power and not being influenced by outside forces, is to look at whether they are speaking with love and compassion and if they aren’t then I don’t follow and if they are then I listen to what they say. Never to follow blindly but to always use your discernment. So in other words, your own internal guidance system will help you to stay on the organic timeline with the help of those who are speaking from a place of love and compassion. Stay true to yourselves.


Chaotic Times down the Rabbit Hole

I haven’t posted on here for a while. Life has been quite chaotic and beautiful all at the same time and I see this as a microcosm of the macrocosm. The landscape is ever changing and this can bring uncertainty and with uncertainty comes fear. It’s all part of the human condition. Humans like to feel safe and secure. We make ourselves feel safe and secure with external things, situations and people. In fact, that is  how we are programmed to be. To be dependant. Dependant upon money for material comforts, people to validate us, careers to give us status etc etc. This infiltrates into every layer of our existence until we have totally given our power away and we don’t know who we are any more. Eventually we start to believe the programmes that we are fed and  conditioned with and if these are challenged it can cause immense discomfort and pain because we have closed our minds and hearts to other possibilities, because we believe that we are what we are told we are. So if we aren’t that which we are told that we are, then who are we? Also, if the people around us, that are in positions of power and who are meant to have our best interests at heart, are not who they  have led us to believe they are, and that they don’t have our best interests at heart, then who can we trust and who are they and who are we. It doesn’t help that we are living in a society that only values the positive elements of living and life. So anyone who exhibits behaviour that doesn’t fit into this ideology is seen at best as eccentric or at worst discarded as not being able to contribute to society eg mentally ill or people with learning disabilities, the elderly etc and so we close our minds to the possibility that they might exist, quickly shuffling past the homeless guy in the street because he makes you feel uncomfortable, while looking for the next celebrity idol to model your wardrobe, makeup, perfume, image on (ok, maybe a bit of an exaggeration unless you are a teenager, but it is a sad reflection of the society we live in). We are taught to avoid pain at all costs. And I think that this is fundamentally what is wrong with our society. Pain is part of being human and if we think that it is wrong to feel pain, that we are a failure in some way or are ill, then we will suppress these feelings and they will be expressed in other ways, either through unconscious reactions which seem more emotionally charged than the situation warrants or through depression or psychotic illness. Or worse still, we will disconnect from our emotions and our own hearts. If we are unable to acknowledge our own pain and are not encouraged and shown how to express this safely and respectfully, then we won’t be able to acknowledge other people’s pain and so won’t be able to care for the vulnerable and the hurting. This is because it will make us feel uncomfortable and the reason it makes us feel uncomfortable is because we know, deep down, that we are ignoring an aspect of our own self, in our own heart. We are ignoring our own healing and self nurturing and are too busy living a life of values and standards set by someone else based upon what we have and status rather than who we are inside.

While everything stays the same and feeds these illusions that we have about life, then all is fine and dandy and we don’t question anything because we feel safe and we feel secure and if we can’t see the suffering of other people then we don’t have to think about it and so we don’t have to feel uncomfortable. At the moment though, there is a lot of uncertainty in the world. We are finding out that our governments do not have our best interests at heart, that financial stability is not guaranteed to anyone these days, even those in careers that were once thought of as providing this, and the very fabrics of our cultures and societies are being undermined, changed, and the norm of what was once acceptable no longer applies. Plus there is scandal upon scandal of paedophilia, abuse and misuse of power coming into the open of people who were once seen as role models and, even worse, that the people who are around them were actually aware of this and supported it. Nothing seems sacred any more and if we continue to look outside of ourselves for confirmation of who we are and what we are meant to be doing with our lives then we will either disconnect more and more from our hearts and become robotic zombies or the pain will be too much to bear and we will become mentally ill because we don’t know what to do with the pain, in a world that avoids pain at all costs. We are at a tipping point and there is another way. It is no longer possible to ignore what is happening in the world any more. So we can either become part of the problem or part of the solution. It is up to us but we must be brave and we must not be afraid to confront and feel pain. The answer lies within.

A year ago exactly, I went through this very process. As a child, I suffered from mental, emotional abuse and neglect. I have spent my whole life healing from this and I was shown at 16 yrs old that I had so much love in my heart. but had never felt love until that point. It took me many years of soul searching and rebuilding to heal but there was still something missing. I still didn’t feel fulfilled. I then found Reiki and the new age movement and felt that I was now starting to move in the right direction. But there was still something missing. I then became disillusioned when I discovered that some of the teachers that I had looked up to had the same human faults as all of everyone else. I had put them on such a pedestal though, that this came as a huge shock and I began to question all of these healing modalities as how can someone, who is still acting out unconscious programmes themselves, put themselves forward as a master of anything? I didn’t realise at the time, but I had given my power away to these people big time. To me they seemed to have so much knowledge and wisdom, yet they weren’t perfect and they were unable to see that they were programmed, which to me contradicted the image they were trying to project of themselves. Or was it that I was projecting an image on to them of how I thought that they should be behaving because I had given my power away and thought that they knew more about me than I did. Probably a bit of both to be honest. But I could see, throughout the whole of the new age movement that there was a reluctance to look at the darkness and that expressing anger or sadness was seen as somehow being ‘less’ spiritual, which I didn’t understand because how can anyone be less spiritual when we are all spiritual beings. I became disillusioned with the whole spiritual movement and stopped practicing and going to groups for a good year or two and didn’t really keep in touch that much with my spiritual friends on facebook, except for perhaps once a week. I preferred to instead, connect with ‘real’ people. But still there was something missing. So I started to connect again more and more on facebook and started reading articles and listening to videos of people who were talking about organic and inorganic timelines and this made sense to me and about how it was important to be authentic and this totally resonated with me. At last! This was what had been missing from previous  teachings that I had heard. But then I soon realised that when these people had a big following that they too started to exhibit the signs of being a guru and trying to control the people who followed them. This didn’t feel right. Also, I was starting to learn about an overriding consciousness that was trying to infiltrate and mimmick the organic consciousness and so I was totally confused and didn’t know who to trust or where to look for guidance. I didn’t even trust Reiki or Angelic Reiki any more. So who could I trust? The conclusion that I came to was that I could only trust MYSELF! This doesn’t mean that I have become a paranoid, hermit who doesn’t trust another human being. Actually, what it means is, that I have taken back my power of my own innate knowing and intuition, gnosis, discernment. And I believe that this is what is going on, on a larger scale on the planet at the moment. The microcosm of the macrocosm. And we can only take back our own power if we are willing to be authentically all that we are and this includes both our light and our dark. Being true to ourselves. So what does this mean and how do we do this? More to follow…………….