The completion of 7 days in the desert.

Sunday was the final day of my 7 days in the desert. I could have stuck to it better than I did but I did feel that I got a lot out of the week anyway.

Day 6 was connecting the heart to the third eye and I got a headache after doing the breathing exercises and power words, right in the middle of my head. I also had the same headache plus feeling ungrounded yesterday as if there was some energetic shifting taking place.  I didn’t write this right after I finished as I felt I needed to integrate and assimilate first. What is interesting is that there seem to be some significant shifts happening. Firstly, I have come across a course to help me put together my website better and increase it’s search engine rankings. So this website is up for a revamp so watch this space. Secondly, I think that as my energy has shifted, so have the people around me and I now feel that my friendships are becoming more honest. It seems that people who I was having issues with previously, things are now ok and more relaxed and the one’s where things seemed ok, the cracks are showing where the friendship wasn’t authentic. And I knew this anyway, as I had seen signs. And, as always I have looked at my own behaviour. But ultimately, I can’t have people in my life who insist on projecting their unconscious judgments onto me that aren’t true. I can’t participate in that any more. And thirdly, I have decided that this fast would be a good thing to do as a retreat, so I am going to organise a 3 day retreat to start with and it will be based upon the principles outlined in The Law of Light: The secret teachings of Jesus.

I have been back on facebook but it’s not going to be at the level it was previously. And I have just been inspired by a documentary that I watched on youtube entitled Weight loss Documentary transformation Elle Ip. Which is an amazing documentary about a woman who transformed her body after just giving birth, to competition level for sports modelling. Very inspiring, showing that if you put your mind to it you can achieve anything you want in life. On that note……………..


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