Project override!

I just listened to a very interesting interview with James Bartley and Eve Lorgen, about Artificial Intelligence and how it is an invading and replicating consciousness, which is trying to take over this reality and eliminate the original humans, and a lot of this makes sense to me.

We can’t defeat the matrix by fighting the programmes and the systems created by these programmes. We can only fight it by decoding it, and that has to be done at a strategic level……………. so not at a 3D level but in the astral, which has more or less been taken over by the demiurge, but the astral is where our creative powers are honed. The astral is where creation takes place before it is made manifest on this plane. So it makes sense that the AI invading consciousness would infiltrate this realm first, in order to get us humans to create what IT wants, in order to feed it.

But how can we decode the AI programmes and systems in the astral? Good question and I’m not 100% sure, at this time, but my feeling is that it has something to do lucid dreaming and programming your sleep state, because we travel to the astral in our sleepstate. It also has to do with self awareness, as does all spiritual development, and an awareness of different energies and discernment, protecting boundaries. In other words, you have to have a solid foundation and awareness of self before you can start to do shit in the astral like decoding the matrix programming. I think that one of the first steps though to deprogramming the matrix is recognising the AI replication and consciousness at work. First of all in others but then eventually in yourself and this will, in effect make it lost it’s power because it essentially functions in the dark or in secret. So once it has been seen, it loses it’s power. So essentially, you are overriding the programme.

Food for thought, and not a very long blog post today as it is late, but I just wanted to put this here.


Perception is everything

So what if our reality was shaped by our perception?

This is true. How we see the world, governs how the world responds to us. Everything is connected, because everything is consciousness and that consciousness is responsive to our thoughts and emotions or rather, our beliefs. We are creator beings because of this. No other beings have this capability because they do not have all of the required ingredients. ie rational thought and emotions, which lead to beliefs.

Unfortunately, human consciousness has been hijacked and we are currently being manipulated to create the reality that the control system wants. So how can that be? Well, if these beings are unable to create this reality for themselves,  because they don’t possess all of the ingredients themselves, then they have to get us to do it for them and keep us as slaves in the process. How do they do this? They get us to create the reality that they want by manipulating human consciousness, and how do they manipulate human consciousness……………… by manipulating human perception, in order to manipulate beliefs.

Our perception is affected by many things, which include cognition, thought processes, trauma, past experiences, childhood programming plus others.

Cognition can be affected by many environmental factors such as toxins in food eg fluoride, processed food, it can also be affected by stress and fear. All of these factors are prevalent in our society, and this is not a coincidence. Flouride is a neurotoxin and was used in world war II, as an experiment to dumb down the public. It is now added to drinking water…………. it doesn’t take a neuro scientist to work that one out. Yet most people don’t question it because they are programmed from being small that the authorities have our best interests at heart, and they are emotionally traumatized from birth and filled with fear and disempowerment to be able to take matters into their own hands. Instead being compliant, well behaved citizens, that work hard at their jobs and keep themselves busy and also play equally hard by partying and consuming large amounts of alcohol, in order to block out the suppressed emotions, which are too uncomfortable for them to look at, because it might make them question their whole existence. And so because of all of these factors, their thought processes are affected and so is their perception of reality, which then forms their beliefs, which then continues to create this prison matrix that they exist in. So yeah, humans might possess all of the ingredients for them to be able to create their reality, but unbeknown to most of them, the controlling forces, also have created a reality with all of the ingredients to keep humans creating a reality which will keep them locked here as prisoners. So essentially creating their own prison.

So how can we break free and take back our own power.

By seeing what is happening and by seeing ourselves and knowing ourselves and this requires us to be really really honest with ourselves and with others also, and it requires us to be willing to change and willing to see that maybe our life was built on a lie, and to trust that there is a bigger plan and that the universe has our back. It requires us to integrate all aspects of self. When we are traumatised, at a young age, our mind can split into fragments and can cause parts of our soul to split or fracture. When we can bring these lost parts of ourselves back and integrate them into the now, we can then begin to heal and we may see our reality slightly differently, or our perception will change slightly. The MKUltra experiments intentionally caused this split in human consciousness, by deliberately causing trauma to a young child. There were other reasons for them doing this, but one of them was to keep that person prisoner here, by preventing them from integrating all aspects of self.

By being mindful of what we are putting into our bodies and avoiding processed foods. Also, by detoxing on a regular basis, in order to prevent the build up of toxins in the body, particularly the brain.

Too many people seem to have had their thought processes hijacked, but I am hoping that it isn’t too late. I am hoping that enough people will see through the lies and begin to wake up and take their power back. Not through violence, although this is better than apathy, but by getting to know who they are, by integrating all aspects of themselves, and by clearing all negative programming and doing the shadow work, so that they are no longer triggered by external events. Which means then, that they will no longer be able to have their mind and their perception and beliefs manipulated and their creative energy used to create the reality that the negative agenda beings want. We will be creating the world that we want and deserve because we will be aligned to our spirit and our soul purpose.

Implants, why we should get checked and why they need deactivating/removing!!

I think that when most people hear the word implant, if they don’t laugh it off as some sort of magical new age thinking to make the person making claims to having them seem interesting, they are usually seen as happening to some far out hippie type that live in some sort of parallel reality. Certainly in the past this has been the case but I think that with more advanced techniques and more and more people coming forward, it is now becoming a more accepted phenomenon. And truth is they happen to anyone, and they wouldn’t necessarily know that they had them. And you don’t have to believe in them either. I was a sceptic. I used to be one of those people who thought that this was all in the imagination of some wishful thinking or disturbed individuals. But I was wrong and I am now a believer. They deliberately insert this belief in their subjects so that the implants won’t be discovered. It is the perfect disguise because the person affected doesn’t believe in them so won’t go looking for them. This also applies to other things that they do to people against their will.

But who are THEY? To be totally honest I am not entirely sure. It is definitely alien technology but the governments signed treaty’s with some ET races and let them experiment on humans in exchange for technology. But the military industrial complex also experiment on people against their will ie MKUltra programmes and Milabs, so I am not entirely clear where one ends and the other begins and whether there is some sort of collusion and working together. It is further confused as a lot of abductees are given screen memories that make the abductee think that they have been abducted by ET’s when in fact they were abducted by the military. It is all a very dark and seedy affair. But I also think that this is just the tip of the iceburg and I think that they have been perfecting these implants so well that they are now able to implant people through nano technology in vaccines and medication, as well as in the fallout of chemtrails. I would think that the majority of people on this planet have implants of some sort. But there are many different types of implants too, I have discovered. And they have many different functions. Some can cover a whole organ, whereas others might be nano technology and not visible to the naked eye. Most implants, these days, are placed in the etheric body, so there is no need to perform physical surgery any more. And a person or being skilled in astral travel, could place implants in someone’s consciousness just by looking at them. It may sound like a science fiction movie but most science fiction is based upon fact but called science fiction in order to make people disbelieve again.

So why are people implanted? I am not an expert on implants per se, but I do have my own experiences and I have listened to other people’s experiences, plus the wider knowledge that I have gained about the NAA (negative alien agenda) and the MKUltra and Milabs experiments. It seems that there are a variety of reasons and they can be placed anywhere in the body. The main reason is to prevent people from waking up to who they truly are and to reaching their full potential. This can again, be done in a variety of ways, ranging from nano tech in vaccines, which, along with the heavy metals, will lodge in the brain and cause a certain level of brain damage or prevent them from accessing their higher self. But the implants can get more and more sophisticated, depending upon the result that is required and the person who they are implanting. Some devices may have timers on them that activate at certain times of the person’s life or they may have more than one use. Some implants are tracking devices and they make it easier for military personnel or ET’s to track them in order to abduct them for further experimentation. Some implants are placed to prevent you from being fully grounded. This is a major issue as when we are not fully grounded we are not fully present and not only will it affect the quality of our lives but it can leave us open to being taken over by other beings. I had some of these implants. I also had the tracking devices, one of which was only deactivated recently. Some implants are to transmit frequencies through, which affect the person in a negative way. So they are to lower the persons frequency or they might be to mind control them or influence them in some other way. Some implants cause physical illness or malfunction. I have been having a lot of problems with my feet over recent months and discovered I had an implant in my hip which was causing this and not only preventing me from moving forward on a physical level, but also in my life and with my life purpose. A lot of these implants are experimental but there are a lot that they have perfected too so they might place a few that they know work, alongside some that they are experimenting with. It is obscene really, what they are doing to people. I was in shock and grief, the first time I realised what was going on and the more recent time too, just the sheer shock of the extent to what they will do to stop someone from reaching their potential, particularly if they are a threat to them. And how do they find the ones who are a threat to them? They use looking glass technology for incoming souls and when they are born they monitor them and they usually start the experiments when they are children but they could start later in life too. It all depends on the person being targeted, why they are being targeted and if they are going to be recruited to any military programmes. I’d had one implant for many lifetimes and it was placed in such a way as to try prevent me from accessing my higher self.

So why is it important to have implants removed/deactivated? Well I am sure that just by reading the reasons why they are placed and what the implants actually do, will give you a clue as to why it is important to get them removed or deactivated. If they are preventing us from reaching our full potential then they definitely need removing as they could be stopping us from achieving something really important for this planet. They may also be preventing us from escaping this matrix and keeping us locked here due to keeping us in a certain frequency. Spiritual work and self development work will help but if we have implants that are preventing us from reaching our full potential, then no amount of spiritual work or working on ourselves will get us to the point of reaching our full potential and our life purpose. And for some people, who have been part of certain programmes, and are deemed to pose a threat to the elites plans, they may have implants that keep them dumbed down or try to prevent them from waking up and if they do start to wake up then they might target them in a different way and actually try and stop their connection to their higher self and literally starve them of their soul essence or suffocate them and eventually this would lead to the death of that person.

So I would advise anyone to get themselves checked. If you’re not sure who to go to for this, just ask the universe and it usually responds by bringing people into your life that have this sort of skill. Don’t think, well I haven’t got any symptoms, so I don’t think I can have implants. I didn’t have any symptoms to start with either. In fact for a long time. It was only when I started to wake up that they all started to kick in and also because it seemed that no matter how much spiritual work I did on myself or healing I got, I was stuck and I knew that something wasn’t right. But we all have our own way of discerning. What is right for one is not necessarily right for another.  Until you get yourself checked though, you might never know what your potential is or you might feel you are stuck. Before I had mine removed, I felt very ungrounded, I lacked focus, I couldn’t concentrate, I had reached a point where I could only do minimal around the house, and I felt stuck spiritually and that I wasn’t able to move forward with my life. I felt like I was withering and dying in so many ways. I had become apathetic. And now, my head is clearer and much less noise, I am very grounded and rarely ungrounded any more. I am more focused and I am doing things around the house that I have been putting off for years. Plus so much more that I won’t go into here. So this has been a huge journey for me over the past few months, and a huge learning curve and I am looking forward to the next stage of my journey.